About ME

Hello my name is Dean Dyess III. I have been involved in motorcross for 25 years.
I have had great success growing up through the amateur ranks. despite having a lot of injuries. I never really got to race pro race 100% healthy. I was still able to make a couple night shows, and finish top 30 at an outdoor national. My last pro race at Jacksonville SX. I hit neutral on the face of a triple & ended up fracturing my back. So I have now taken a step back to do what I have a passion for. To train kids and adults. To get them ready for big races. What I strive for is to make riding safer. Which makes riding easier. Then by making it easier, it gives them confidence to go faster. The DYE55 way…
My family previously owned Thundercross MX for 20 years. Then we got the opportunity to take over Orlando MX. This is where I picked up a new set of athletes with lots of talent! Riders like:
Jack Chambers, Matti Jorgensen, Logan Best, Ryder Gwynn, Brandon Ma, Nathan Jefferey, Chase Mattot, Tyler Cole, Jonathan Getz, Roxyn Rinehart, Tatum Murphy, Evan Cole, Emma Chambers, Aura Schmelyun, Zoee Grzech, and Jessica Jefferey. These riders will be competing at most amateur nationals.